Tuesday, 19 February 2013

David Swanton has Visited the USA

David Swanton isn't someone who likes to travel all over the place. He doesn't understand how some people can spend all of their vacation time in other countries. That's not to say he thinks it's silly to do so. He understands the importance of travelling and seeing the world.

David Swanton understands that travel is a great way to gain perspective about the world and the myriad of cultures and peoples that make life so interesting. Maybe he enjoys travel less than others because he spent twelve years in the Royal Air Force. He got to see a lot of the world during his time in the military. When he was traveling he realized how much he appreciated his own culture and home country. Unless you get out into the world it's hard to appreciate what you have that you grow up with.

One place David Swanton really did enjoy traveling to was the United States. He has been to the US a few times. It's relatively easy to get a ticket and fly across the pond to the country. It's not terribly expensive either.

David Swanton has always had a good time when he visited the US. He finds it fascinating to see a lot of similarities with English culture. Since he is a student of history in his free time, David Swanton loves learning about all of the colonial history that covers the eastern seaboard of the US. One day he hopes to tour all of the important locations of the Revolutionary War and Colonial America. Despite being a young country, David Swanton knows that the US has a long and complicated history, much like England's!

David Swanton is always impressed with America whenever he goes. There isn't any other place like it in the world. Their culture is very unique but also so very mixed. It's certainly an interesting place!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Movies Are a Favorite Pastime for David Swanton

Nowadays people have access to so many forms of entertainment, it's hard to keep track of everything. People can browse the web and watch videos about anything they want to learn about or see. You can pay for access to hundreds of TV channels that show you all sorts of entertaining shows. Lots of people today enjoy spending their free time playing video games. Others still enjoy getting outdoors and participating in sports and other fun activities.

Call him old fashioned, but David Swanton still enjoys heading to the movie theater and spending an afternoon enjoying a great movie with some popcorn and his friends or family. Growing up, David Swanton loved going to the movies, especially during the weekends when he could watch an entire matinee of films.

The movie theaters have certainly changed since he was younger though. Now you can go to interactive theaters where the seats move and there is amazingly high quality surround sound. This has only made going to the movie theaters more enjoyable. Now it's an entire experience instead of a passive visual event.

One thing that David Swanton does not enjoy that has become very popular in cinema is the advent of 3D movies. He doesn't think that 3D movies stay true to the history and tradition of cinema. It focuses too much on technology and not on the passion and story of a film. David Swanton is happy that there will always be the option to watch movies in normal 2D. He doesn't think he could ever bring himself to watch a 3D movie and hopes that he's not the only one who thinks this way!

Regardless, movies will and always have been an enjoyable pastime for David Swanton. He looks forward to enjoying them for many years to come – as long as they aren't 3D.

Monday, 11 February 2013

David Swanton is a Smart Consumer

There are a lot of businesses out there looking to make as much profit off their wares as possible. In fact, that's the goal of any business. It's not that it's a bad thing, but once a consumer realizes that, they start to think about how they spend their money and whether their purchase is actually worth what it claims to be worth.

David Swanton grew up in a frugal home whose members prided themselves on being smart consumers. He remembers hearing one day in his youth that a product or service is worth what you pay for it. Not many people realize that; once you understand that you realize that a lot of things are negotiable and that it doesn't hurt to ask for deals, discounts, or similar benefits. With the internet, a lot of people like David Swanton have become much savvier shoppers all the while saving money and helping others out.

The internet has let people find great deals on products they would normally have to spend a lot more on. Oftentimes people that enjoy shopping at local stores will ask shop owners if they will price-match goods they want to buy locally with prices they find online. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

The internet has also made shoppers a lot smarter. They can now read reviews about products and services that they never had access to before. Whenever David Swanton needs to make a purchase he spends hours researching the best company or best place to order whatever product he needs. This has helped him be a very satisfied shopper with everything he has purchased in the last few years.

Being a smart consumer takes some time to get used to, but of all the hours David Swanton has spent researching his expenses, he never felt like it was a waste of time. In fact not doing his research was a waste of money!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

2012 Olympics Were Fun for David Swanton

Not everyone can say they live in a city where the Summer Olympics have been hosted three times. Of course, not many people remember the summer Olympics of 1948, the second time the city of London hosted the event. But everyone remembers the recent 2012 summer Olympics which took place in London as well.

David Swanton was in the city during the Olympics and he thought it made for a very fun few weeks of parties, celebration, sports, and so much more. London became home to an even larger international crowd than usual. The city seemed to completely liven up and there was a lot of work done before the games even started that had been put off for years like improved crosswalks and similar traffic improvements.

David Swanton enjoyed the Summer Olympics of 2012. Everyday there was plenty of entertainment and news to keep him occupied. He enjoyed following England's successes throughout the Olympics and he was very proud of their success. England performed pretty well during the Olympics last year. In the games, England brought home twenty-nine gold medals, seventeen silver medals, and nineteen bronze medals.

David Swanton was proud of the English team during the Olympics. One athlete, Victoria Pendleton, actually accomplished a new Olympic record during the games. She accomplished a time in the women's sprints of 10.724'' and broke the Olympic record set many years before. It was a proud moment for her and her country.

David Swanton is happy he was able to experience his home city hosting an event as prestigious as the Olympics. While they had some minor problems, overall he thinks they did a great job at handling the massive amount of work and organization that the event requires. It's unlikely that London will see another Olympics for a long time, but if they do David Swanton will be very happy!

Monday, 4 February 2013

David Swanton Enjoys Helping Others

In today's economy it's important to keep in mind that everyone is suffering, especially people less fortunate than even before the global recession hit a few years ago. A lot of people have been experiencing rough times for years. David Swanton always remembers this and makes it a point to help out people.

David Swanton thinks that helping others should be something that everyone does with at least some of their free time. There are a wide variety of options that people have to donate some of their time and energy to help others.

David Swanton has volunteered at a lot of organizations over the years that operate near his home. One such area that many people help out is at their local soup kitchens. These facilities are often run by non-profit groups and can always put to good use any donations you might want to make. Soup kitchens provide a lot of food services to the homeless and needy on a daily basis. It's a lot of work so if donating money isn't your thing, you can always donate your time like David Swanton has done on occasion.

Another place where you can help others is at after-school organizations. You can be a tutor to help a young person get the academic help they need to succeed in school and in life. David Swanton knows plenty of people that regularly donate their time and knowledge to help out the younger generation. It's a noble and needed activity.

David Swanton knows there are countless areas where people can provide help or donations that go a long way towards helping others. He is happy he has the opportunity to help out where he feels the need is greatest. Living in a large city like London gives him that opportunity and he tries to encourage other Londoners to help as well.